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Co-operative Public School
Co-operative Public School
Co-operative Public School

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Co-operative Public School

Co-operative Public School Muvattupuzha is a Co-educational institution owned and managed by The Muvattupuzha Educational Co-operative Society Ltd No. E.873 with lifelong Registration. The Society was founded by a group of visionary youth with the aim of providing quality education, especially to the common folk. Nesting cozily in the lap of nature, the school which was started in the year 2002 in Muvattupuzha, the gate way to the Highranges, is the symbol of a new chapter in the modern educational scenario. It has a beautiful campus spread across three acres of land with wide playing fields. Our school campus with its serene, secure ,stimulating and lively atmosphere is the perfect entry to the child's world of learning. It enjoys all the facilities of town free from its bustles

Principal’s Desk

This is a message send to the three main sections of the people under the domain of educational institutions.

The first strata, Teachers… May you bear the true spirit of conceiving a child in a womb, like the amniotic fluid that heals the infant from the outside world tremors and shocks. Like the fluid that nourishes the baby with all the essentials. May you be able to nurture each and every student that reaches out to you, with all the required emotional and intelligent grooming for the big life ahead. May you be able to provide them with the filtered human reactions completely unbiased and lavishly giving to all.

Vision & Mission

To be a Pre-eminent institution fostering open minded global leaders with the consciousness of responsibility

To Propagate knowledge through aesthetic art, creative writing and research methodology. To aggrandize towards the capstone of self-wisdom tooling mindful and ambient exploration

To build the young mind as virtuous foreman with universal brotherhood and receptive to mother nature. To intervene in the continous improvment through imperative thought analysis.

To instill a cognition of novelty in ideas and entrepreneurship.

A Sanctuary of Wisdom

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